"Protecting Seniors' Access to Medicare Act"

Seniors' Action Alert

Your Coalition to Guarantee Social Security is "pounding the pavement" in the halls of Congress to drum up support for common sense, pro-senior legislation to guarantee seniors' hard-earned Social Security benefits and Medicare and fighting to repeal Obamacare's Medicare Rationing Board that would hurt senior Americans.

Expert Medicare Rationings Agree – Obamacare's Medicare Rationing Board Will Hurt Seniors

Alarmingly, many of Obamacare's most dangerous provisions –- including the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), also known the "Medicare Rationing Board" or "Death Panel" - have survived given the failure of Congress to repeal the Obamacare law.
As you may know, this "Medicare Rationing Board" takes health care decision-making away from you and your doctor and puts it into the hands of 15 unelected bureaucrats -- essentially making your health care a budget item.

Make no mistake. Experts agree Obamacare's "Medicare Rationing Board" will hurt seniors.

But right now we have one last chance to stop the implementation of this dangerous "Medicare Rationing Board."  Recently, bipartisan legislation has been introduced called the "Protecting Seniors' Access to Medicare Act" (H.R.849) to fully repeal Obamacare's Medicare Rationing Board.

Already a host of Republicans in Congress -- and even many leading Democrats who supported Obamacare -- support this bipartisan legislation.

But we must move quickly and keep up the pressure on Members of Congress to get behind this pro-senior legislation and bring it up for a vote quickly.

It will be a hard-fought battle and time is of the essence!

Unfortunately, many Americans believe nothing can be done to stop this dangerous provision. But they don't know about this pending legislation.

That's why now more than ever CGSS must ramp up our nationwide emergency campaign to identify, educate and mobilize millions of American voters to join us in our efforts to force Congress to bring this pro-senior legislation to repeal Obamacare's "Medicare Rationing Board" up for a vote.
Remember, right now with the 2018 congressional elections on the minds of so many in Congress, this is the time when politicians are listening best to their constituents back home. And the senior vote is the largest in midterm elections. So members of Congress will be paying close attention to seniors' public opinion. Please get in contact with your congressional representatives and let them know you expect their support of this important bill.  

Obamacare Reality

A Preview of Obamacare's Rationing: When HHS Refused 10-Year-Old Girl's Lung Transplant

Obamacare has already made life-and-death health care decisions. We saw a preview of what life will be like under Obamacare -- especially if the Medicare Rationing Board provision isn't repealed -- when Barack Obama's HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius refused to approve a waiver that would have put a dying 10-year old girl on the adult lung transplant list.

Alarmingly, Sebelius had denied the waiver even though the child's doctors agreed that she was a candidate for an adult lung. Instead, Sebelius called for a bureaucratic review of the policy that would have taken at least a year -- when the child only had weeks to live.

A federal court judge finally intervened and ordered Sebelius to temporarily waive the rule, allowing the young girl to be put on the adult transplant list.

This was a very disturbing preview of what life will be like under Obamacare's Medicare Rationing Board -- when this Board takes the health care decision-making power away from you and your doctor and puts it into the hands of Washington bureaucrats.

Even more disturbing, under Obamacare this Rationing Board is exempt from judicial review of any of the Board's decisions.
It's truly frightening!
That's why CGSS is leading the battle to pressure Congress to prevent this panel of 15 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats from making critical decisions about our health care. But we need the help of all our members to continue to support our fight and call or write their two U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative asking them to repeal this dangerous rationing board.

Social Security Trust Fund

"Savings for Seniors Act" (H.R. 313) Introduced in House

Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has reintroduced the "Savings for Seniors Act" (H.R. 313). Passing the "Savings for Seniors Act" would immediately and FINALLY make it illegal for career politicians to keep robbing the money hard-working taxpayers have contributed to their Social Security retirement – and doing so would keep Social Security solvent for many, many years to come.

For decades, politicians in Washington have been diverting taxpayer funds from our Social Security Trust Fund and spending it on their pet projects as "payoffs" to their political allies who help them get re-elected. Economic experts warn this "raid" of our Social Security Trust Fund is the reason Social Security is now headed for bankruptcy and may send millions of America's seniors under the poverty line. But passage of this pro-taxpayer legislation would prohibit politicians from spending Social Security savings for other political purposes.

There is still time to save the Social Security Trust Fund but it will take a massive grassroots effort to force Congress to get behind the "Savings for Seniors Act."  CGSS is right now working to enlist millions of America's seniors to stand up and demand Congress pass this no nonsense legislation.

Please stand with me and CGSS as we go to the wall for senior Americans in these difficult times.


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Jim Lafferty
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Coalition to Guarantee Social Security