What We Do

What We DoAs a project of Traditional Values Coalition, an IRS approved 501(c)(4) organization, CGSS uses its status to lobby Congress on behalf of the proposed Social Security Guarantee Act. In 2017, CGSS has sent over 2,000,000 surveys to seniors by way of the "U.S. Taxpayer Straw Poll on the NEW Social Security Guarantee Act" to take the Poll, click here on their awareness of the 1960 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Flemming v. Nestor that ruled the government has no legal, contractual obligation to pay back seniors' hard-earned Social Security contributions. Survey participants are also asked about their attitudes toward the proposed Social Security Guarantee Act, legislation to close the loophole left by the Supreme Court ruling.

The ongoing U.S. Taxpayer Straw Poll of Senior Americans conducted by the Coalition to Guarantee Social Security so far shows strong support for legislation to prohibit politicians from being able to reduce the amount of your Social Security benefits. Here are the partial results:

1. Before you received the letter from Coalition to Guarantee Social Security, were you aware of the 1960 U.S. Supreme Court decision that ruled the federal government has no obligation to pay back Social Security contributions?

YES 10%
NO 86%

2. Do you personally approve or disapprove of allowing politicians to use Social Security funds for other political purposes?


3. Were you aware that our Social Security savings are being spent on projects such as special interest favors to those who have the power to help members of Congress get re-elected?

YES 6%
NO 90%

4. Would you support legislation that would prohibit politicians from being able to reduce the amount of your Social Security benefits?


5. Do you favor passage of the Social Security Guarantee Act?

YES 98%
NO 0%

In this season of the 2018 midterm Congressional elections, CGSS Executive Director Jim Lafferty is building a nationwide grassroots mobilization to get every candidate for Congress — incumbents and challengers alike — "on the record" to promise to introduce and cosponsor the Social Security Guarantee Act. By leveraging the all-important seniors' voting bloc, CGSS aims to make Social Security guarantee a major issue in the 2018 elections.

Jim is well-known on Capitol Hill for bringing massive pressure to bear on congressmen and senators on a wide range of issues of interest to seniors, including:

  • Passage of the Savings for Seniors Act to stop the raid of the Social Security Trust Fund by big-spending politicians;
  • Cutting taxes on Social Security benefits;
  • Preventing illegal aliens from drawing Social Security;
  • Repealing Obamacare; and
  • Overturning the Obamacare Independent Payment Advisory Board "Death Panel" of 15 super-powerful unelected bureaucrats with the authority to ration seniors' health care by taking health care decision-making away from you and your doctor.

Issue education is an important responsibility of the Coalition to Guarantee Social Security. With information provided by CGSS, seniors are better equipped to make informed decisions at the ballot box this November. Voluntary donations from members enable CGSS to fund our grassroots mobilization efforts, membership programs, public opinion collection, media campaigns and petition and post card drives.